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0668 Microfiber Cleaning Duster for Multi-Purpose Use (Big)

Rs. 325.00
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Big Microfiber Super Mitt Hand Duster(1 pc)

• Comfortable and snug on your hand, fits either hand, amazingly can be used either DRY or DAMP
• The shape of the Mitt and the long ultra-absorbent fibers are designed for easy cleaning in corners and hard to reach areas
• The Microfiber Super Mitt is perfect for dusting in the house, cleaning the car interior, polishing the silverware, making your windows sparkle like new, or buffing the cars' bodywork to a dazzling shine
• When DRY, the fibers will clean more effectively than traditional cloths because static charge from the woven shaped fibers attract the dust
• When DAMP, the fibers use capillary action to attract dirt and water; meaning it's like a magnet for dust, dirt and liquids Product Description
• Car washing mitt/Duster
• Made of microfiber chenille material
• Easy to wash and dry
• Soft, comfortable and good handle
• Dusters brushing cannot leave any scratch delicate surfaces in your car
• Very economical and a wonderful gift to your car
• Fits for Car and general household cleaning, such as glass, flooring, kitchen, hall and other cleaning shops, Laptop, Etc.

Dusting and Cleaning Dusters with Microfibre for Effective Cleaning

Dusting cleaning Duster has been specially designed to help you clean different kinds of surfaces effectively. The long chenille tentacles attached to the Duster not only cleans dry and wet surfaces effortlessly but also helps you get a proper grip on the surface you are cleaning. The microfibre attracts dirt and dust, speeding up the cleaning process. Easy to Maintain: The Divine Gifts dusting Dusters are easy to use and maintain. Use soap water for best results. The microfibre fabric of the Dusters dries up fast.

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