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1471 Cockroach Traps Box Cockroach Bug Roach Catcher Cockroach Killer

Rs. 182.00
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? Effective Killer Home/Kitchen Bug Catcher Cockroach Trap Box, Pest Killer Bait House Smart box

? Features
? the door to upgrade the type of light, the size of a cockroach can be pushed into the top, but can not come.
? the height of the box, a large space
? there is a water injection nozzle, can be drowned in the water.
? material selection of PVC material, anti-fall, wear, no odor, do not worry about transport problems.

? How to Use
? open the box , drop into the bait (safe & no-toxic) as the pictures.
? Close the box and put into the places where the cocroaches appear often. If no cockroaches catched after a few days, please change the palces you locate the box.
? After some cockroaches in, no action needed, the body smell of the cockroaches will attract more roaches in.
? After get more cockroaches. You can use hot water drowning, or exposure under the sunlight, or let them go far from your house.
? This box can be used many times, after the first use, you can use some cookies etc food as bait.

? Specifications
Material: plastic+Metal
The package includes : 1 pc Cockroach Catcher & 3 pcs of Bait

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