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2356 Mango Cutter Chopper Slicer Tool Slicing With Non Slip Handles

Rs. 163.00
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?? Stainless Steel Blade Plastic Mango Cutter Chopper Slicer Peeler and Pit Remover Tool ??

Mango Slicer Tool removes the seed and cuts the fruit in half with one simple press.
The sharp stainless steel blades slice cleanly through the fruit and leave almost nothing behind on the seed.


?? Features

?? Mango Slicer, Peeler and Pit Remover Tool Removed Pits with Ease the blade shape is perfect for the removing stone of the mango even as mango size very.
?? Sharp Serrated Blades Micro-serrated help smoothly slice through ripe mango with minimal waste Easy to Use place your mango on the table or counter and press down.
?? Stainless steel blades makes easy cutting and Time saving and perfect cutting of same size slice of mango.
?? ABS Materials 2.4 times harder Than Aluminum.
?? Dust proof coating prevents the surface from chipping or peeling.
?? Made of virgin Unbreakable ABS Food Grade Materials, Good design-looks and style.
?? Easy to wash off after usage.
?? Should be simple to use.
?? 100% dishwasher safe.
?? Be able to remove the pit of the fruit.
?? Have a solid non-slip grip.


?? Package included: 1x Mango Cutter

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