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2443 Hen Shape Egg Boiler Home Machine with Tray

Rs. 566.00
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?? Chicken Shaped Double Layer 14 Egg Boiler Cooker Steamer Poacher ??

This Electric egg boiler cooks up to Fourteen eggs at the same time. Choose from soft, medium or hard-boiled on your favor. Simply place eggs into the egg genie, add the required amount of water using the provided measuring cup and turn the unit on. The steam will cook the eggs, so you can have perfectly boiled eggs every time. Also can be used a food steamer, perfect for steaming Asian food. Make a nice DIY breakfast, create delicious appetizers or a nutritious snack in no time. Features: Compact design with nice appearance. Can be used a gift to your friends or familiers.

?? How to Poach Eggs

?Poaching has never been so easy!
?Place egg cooker on a clean, dry surface
?Remove lid and cooking tray
?Fill measuring cup to the omelette/poached indicator line with colr water. Pour cold water into heating plate
?Use butter or use non-stick spray on poaching tray
?Break 1 egg into each section (Cooks up to 2 eggs)
?Place cooking tray on base and place poaching tray on top of cooking tray(This step is essential)
?Place lid on top of unit and plug in to wall outlet. Press power to star the cooking process

?? Features

?Cook up to 14 hard, medium, or soft-boiled eggs without fat or oil
?Faster than boiling water
?Perfect, fluffy eggs every time
?Clear cover allows you to view eggs while cooking
?Measuring cup with firmness markings makes it easy to cook to desired hardness
?Piercing pin on the bottom of measuring cup prevents shells from cracking
?Power button with an indicator buzzer automatically shuts off when eggs are ready
?Removable egg tray lets you boil up to 14 eggs at a time and cool the eggs under running water after cooking
?Separate poaching tray for easy poached egg

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