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2603 Dumplings Press Maker Kitchen Tool

Rs. 667.00
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Kitchen Pierogies Making Tool Dumplings Press Maker Pierogies Making Tool Dumplings Press Maker

Serve your guests delicious dishes with the help of this dumpling maker / pierogi press - 4-piece set. With this press, you have the ability to make perfect raviolis, dumplings, pierogis, empanadas, mini calzones, and even desserts. Say goodbye to cutters and stamps - this mold gives you the ability to create uniform, delicious products with the simple close of a hinge!

This press opens 180 degrees which makes filling and cleaning it exceptionally easy. The handles on either side of the mold provide a stable base for your hands to push on when cutting dough. These handles also help close and open the mold to press and retrieve the product. This set comes with three different molds to give you a range of sizes to choose from, depending on which products you wish to make.

To use this press, roll out your dough to your desired thickness. Open the mold and set it down on the dough with the curved side up. Use the handles to push down and apply pressure to cut a circular section of dough. Take this section of dough and place it on top of the mold. Fill the center of the mold with cheese, veggies, fruits, or anything else your guests might like. Using the handles, close the mold as you would a book and press firmly to seal the dough along the edges. Cut any excess dough that spills over the mold and open it to extract your perfectly formed product.

Ideal for any restaurant, bakery, cafe, or catering operation, this mold is a versatile tool which can help you diversify your creations. Optimize your dough usage and save time with this manual dough press.

Material: ABS
Size: about 32*12*1.5cm / 12.60*4.72*0.59inch
Color: white

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