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A2 Maniarrs Khakhara with 4 Flavors (360 gm, Pack Of 8)

Rs. 270.00
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Maniaars Khakhra Snacks Masala Noodles, Ratlami, Vanilla & Methi Flavour Khakhra

This is combo pack of 4 with 8 different flavours: Masala Noodles, Ratlami, Vanilla & Methi

Masala Noodles
Masala noodles wheat crisp, backed & not fried ready to eat, low in calories & fat. To be served with tea, sauce or chutney. This is a pack of 8 with single flavour of Masala Noodles.

Bite into this unique flavored khakhras which will remind you of the peppery Ratlami sev, a speciality from the city of Ratlam (M.P.). The dash of pepper added into these khakhras adds a zing to the flavour and lends it a delicious fieriness. Enjoy the distinct peppery taste as you munch on.

Its a Baked Dry Chappati ( Crispy Tortilla / Wheat Crisp ) having icecream like taste similar to popular biscuits mostly liked by Children. Its slightly sweet in taste

Its a Baked Dry Chappati ( Crispy Tortilla / Wheat Crisp ) blended with Fresh Fenugreek leaves . Its good for Eyesight. Its sour taste is liked verymuch by elderly people

Maniarr's khakhara, which is available in 16 premium flavours, is manufactured, exported and promoted by HSM Foods International Pvt Ltd.

All of Khakhra products are made from the finest ingredients and spices on the market - providing you with vibrant aromas and the flavors of Gujarat at your fingertips

Cuisine: Gujarati

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